On Our Feet Ent.

We’re a collective of longtime friends sharing a passion for business, music and film. On Our Feet Ent. has been founded in an urge to pursue our creative goals and help others achieve theirs. What binds us is the love to create things from scratch and make them beautiful so that they can be shared with others.
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Production, Mixing & Mastering

We love music, and so do you. That’s why we want to take care of your music the best way possible and make sure it reflects your vision.

We offer production, mixing and mastering for a variety of musical genres, our main focus, however, is urban music. Our approach is simple: We want to get to know you and your music along with your creative goals to assure the best results that increase your brand’s value.

References Music: Nefew, Nottz, Dwele, Consequence, Gory Gunz, No Malice (The Clipse), Gunplay, 7inch, Nekst86 and many others

Graphic Design & Film

Adding the right images and visuals to your projects is crucial in today’s information driven environment. Attention is a very limited good and to be successful means to stand out.
Our team of young designers and videographers would love to give your ideas the right look and help you tell your story in a unique and unmistakable way. We offer music video production and advertisement as well as graphic design. Let us help you paint the perfect picture.

References Design and Film: Nefew, Elias Resegatti, Filmgerberei, Impuls, ASSG and many others

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